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Car breakdowns are one of the most dreaded things to happen, and off course they always seem to happen at the worst possible time.

Car breakdowns are frustrating, stressful and annoying. They’re also the most common type of problem on the road. Here’s some tips that can make it a little easier to deal with a car breakdown.

-Evaluate your surroundings and make sure everyone is safe.
-Pull your vehicle over to the shoulder, away from the traffic around you.
-Turn off the vehicle and allow it to rest.
-Call any roadside assistance or motor club you may have.
-Wait for help inside of the car with your hazard lights on, do not attempt to diagnose the issue unless you are aware of what you’re doing and located in a safe environment.
-When an issue with your car arises it can usually be quickly resolved by a technician who knows what they’re doing and has the right replacement parts on-hand.

Here are the most important things you should remember when your vehicle experiences a breakdown.

If you’re driving evaluate your surroundings and the nature of your problem. If you can make it to a safe, open area or a side street then try to do so. Otherwise, pull over to the side of the road as far away from the traffic as possible. Remember to turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers to your problem.

Unless you’re an automotive repair expert yourself, the first thing to do is contact roadside assistance or a technician who can come examine your vehicle and figure out what the problem is. Take note of your surroundings and local landmarks which can guide them to your location. Also provide as much information about the problem as possible, take note of any sounds, smells and how it felt while driving. This may help the technician pinpoint your problem even before they arrive.

Many issues with your car can be resolved on the spot, however about 40% will require being towed to a repair facility. Other issues might be able to be fixed temporary – just enough to help get you to a repair facility.