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It’s November and the dark days and wet weather are here to stay. With low visibility and treacherous roads, it’s important that you’re alert and that your car is performing at its peak; however, accidents can happen at any time. One of the most common calls we take in the Abbotsford and Chilliwack area is flat tire assistance. It can be extremely challenging to change a flat tire without proper lighting and in the pouring rain. Compound that with restless children in the car and highway traffic bearing down on you and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. If you’re in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Rosedale, Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz, Sardis, or the Cultus Lake areas and experience a flat tire, call Chilliwack towing and we guarantee that we’ll be there within 15 minutes.

Changing a flat tire may seem simple until you’re forced to do it for the first time. You may not know that your wheel requires a special lock to remove it or that you don’t have a jack or proper tools to fully change the tire. Many newer models have completely removed their spare tire and people just assume that one is available to them. How frustrating would it be to go through the trouble of changing your flat tire in the pouring rain on the side of the highway, only to find that your make and model doesn’t have a spare tire? Keep you and your passengers safe by contacting the professionals at Chilliwack Towing for flat tire service.

From flat tires and jump starts to roadside assistance and specialty towing service, call the skilled technicians at Chilliwack Towing. We guarantee that we’ll arrive within 15 minutes to any location in Chilliwack, Hope, Rosedale, Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz, Abbotsford, Sardis, and Cultus Lake. Call our emergency line 24/7.